Participation review of Vijay TV s Neeya Naana

I was an avid fan of Vijay TV's Neeya Naana talk show. I like the constructive discussions between general public. Other debates on TV focus on how well a person can debate. But, I thought Neeya Naana was focusing on facts and public awareness. While watching the show a month earlier, my husband noticed a... Continue Reading →


A father’s anger, fuelled by caste

A cheerful morning dawns... it is wedding day for the lovers. Both are students studying for their engineering degree. Both are from the same religion, but from different castes. The boy hails from a lower caste dalit family, while the girl hails from a relatively upper caste thevar family. The girl's family oppose their daughter's... Continue Reading →

Data Entry – Making Work from Home possible

Data Entry means entering data into a computer. Most data entry jobs involve converting paper documents into soft copy documents. It can also involve entering details of undelivered mails, entering answers from handwritten questionnaires, converting numeric codes into descriptions, etc. Most data entry jobs require good typing skills, Prior experience with the computer and clerical... Continue Reading →

Practical guide to losing weight

What does the word weight loss bring to your mind? Crash diets, Gym and personal trainers, Machines for home exercise, etc. The list is endless. On deeper thought, weight loss is not a quick one month activity. It is a 3 step activity - start losing weight, tune the body to retain correct weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle throughout life. In other words, weight and health go hand in hand. If a person is active, healthy and balanced, she is bound to have the correct weight. An active body and a happy mind are the key to health and long life. Turn your life style into an effective weight loss mechanism. This is a time tested guide to weight loss and healthy living.

Joint family – the delicate balance

It is quite natural to have likes and dis-likes. We can like members of our family, we can also dis-like them. But considering someone as our enemy will make our life difficult. It is better to retreat or keep away from people we dis-like. Why waste precious time in fighting or arguing... why involve in mind games? The secret to a peaceful life is to ignore silly minded people. Focus on more important things. Keep doing what you are good at. Become financially independent. Do not lose your self-esteem or peace of mind at any cost!

A simple mind

I got acquainted with a bunch of ladies and women. This is the very first time I have been fortunate to being among such simple women folk. Their community is among the most oppressed and downtrodden communities in India. Yet, their womenfolk are amazing.

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