Sexual Abuse and Globalization

1 month back: News flash: (Tamil Nadu): A young woman, Swathi, was brutally hacked to death by a young men. Incident happened early in the morning in Chennai, at the crowded Nungambakkam Railway Station. The killer walked away from the spot and no one chased him or took a photo / video on their phones.... Continue Reading →


Secrets behind skin color and complexion

Lets forget all this hype about fairness and skin color. It is our personality, smartness, communication and abilities that measure success and happiness. Do not measure yourself or others based on looks or skin complexion.

When members in a family get to know about happenings in the world, and discuss about things happening outside their known circle, it would reduce petty arguments and spats within the family. The more informed and aware the family members are, the more chances for financial and social progress of the family. And when this starts from the women of a family, it will definitely help the whole family.

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