Teaching English the wrong way

Students in India's schools learn many languages including english. Yet they cannot talk in these languages. An in-depth look at language teaching methods in formal education.


Cook and see – Meenakshi ammal

This is the oldest and most authentic guide to the dishes of Tamil nadu. It is the first published cook book in Tamil. First version of this book was published in 1951 by S Meenakshi Ammal. This book was originally written in Tamil, titled Samaithu paar ┬ámeaning cook and see. It is also available in... Continue Reading →

Sexual Abuse and Globalization

1 month back: News flash: (Tamil Nadu): A young woman, Swathi, was brutally hacked to death by a young men. Incident happened early in the morning in Chennai, at the crowded Nungambakkam Railway Station. The killer walked away from the spot and no one chased him or took a photo / video on their phones.... Continue Reading →

Living in the country side

In India (and most of Asia), country side has 2 meanings - 1. Rural villages, 2. Lonely farmlands. Villages offer a close knit community where every knows and watches you. Lonely farmlands offer ample of solitude and nature. We relocated to a lonely country side a few years back. Till then, I have lived in... Continue Reading →

A father’s anger, fuelled by caste

A cheerful morning dawns... it is wedding day for the lovers. Both are students studying for their engineering degree. Both are from the same religion, but from different castes. The boy hails from a lower caste dalit family, while the girl hails from a relatively upper caste thevar family. The girl's family oppose their daughter's... Continue Reading →

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