The free child

Babies are cute, Babies bring happiness, Babies are lovable, adorable and beautiful... We cherish and nuture babies. We also ensure that we do the best for our babies. Most of us have our own beliefs in bringing up our children. In India, it is common for parents to think it is their duty to teach... Continue Reading →


Baby and Child Care – by Dr.Benjamin Spock

This book was first published about 65 years back, in the year 1946. It is a useful reference book for parents with children of all ages. There are separate sections in this book dealing with pregnancy, new born babies, toddlers, children and proceeds up to teen agers. It gives a clear understanding of what to expect at every stage of child growth. There are no mention of growth indicators or milestones. Instead there is a summary of what might be the normal growth pattern in children.

Good pre schools for toddlers

At the completion of two years, children can gradually observe and understand how the world works. They learn what nature is, how men and women interact, the role of parents, recognize pets, appreciate food etc etc... Every child has his own way of observing and exploring the world. Some children are fast at understanding, while some take a longer time. However, these are best learnt by silent observation at the child's own pace. Increasingly, children start preschool between two and three years.The reason for this is the academic competition prevalent in India, nuclear families with working parents, and the social pressure to do what every one else does. The best we can do is give much thought in to selecting a preschool. What kind of play schools are out there and how do they affect child development? Here are a few thoughts....

Parenting – physical or mental?

Parenting - A word very much loved by women. Almost all women I come across consider themselves experts in parenting. If you are in India, and if you happen to have a child, you will receiveĀ advisesĀ and guidance on this subject from almost every woman you come across. I was walking down the street the other... Continue Reading →

Go ahead, do not sacrifice your interests or personal life. It is not good for either you or your child. Keep calm and find a way to spend time for your child and for yourself. Motherhood does not mean building up frustrations or running short of time for everything.

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