Income tax in India

Do you pay income tax in India? If yes, you are among 2% of India's population that pays Income Tax. India has a booming population. Spending in India has increased by leaps and bounds since globalization. Global brands in all fiends are keen to enter India and strengthen their presence here. Indians are a brand... Continue Reading →


GST troubles of a small scale industry

This post is about my experience with GST. It is not about technical or software problems with GST portal. It is about the design and implementation of GST. A manufacturing firm that was paying 2% CST is now paying 12% GST as tax for its goods. Price of the product has not been increased. Excess... Continue Reading →

Sexual Abuse and Globalization

1 month back: News flash: (Tamil Nadu): A young woman, Swathi, was brutally hacked to death by a young men. Incident happened early in the morning in Chennai, at the crowded Nungambakkam Railway Station. The killer walked away from the spot and no one chased him or took a photo / video on their phones.... Continue Reading →

Living in the country side

In India (and most of Asia), country side has 2 meanings - 1. Rural villages, 2. Lonely farmlands. Villages offer a close knit community where every knows and watches you. Lonely farmlands offer ample of solitude and nature. We relocated to a lonely country side a few years back. Till then, I have lived in... Continue Reading →

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