Caught between State and Central

Struggles of small industries in Tamil Nadu, caught between the state and central government. Read on...


Right age to start education

This post analyses the effects of starting education early. There are positives and negatives to enrolling children in play school at 2 or 3 years old. So, what do early pre schoolers lose out, in their quest to learn ABCs ?

Cooking for family can be a challenge for many. Heirloom recipes might not satisfy your family's tastebuds unless it is modified to suit their preferences. Here are a few tips that make cooking easier for a family. 1. Understand personal taste preferences of the family. Some people prefer subtle foods, many prefer spicy and tangy... Continue Reading →

The film starts with a monotone narrative about Taramani, farmers, fishermen, cricket, etc and says about unrelated connections. Then starts the film... a rocky journey that shows many social problems like - vulnerability of Anglo Indian women, theft, corruption, fake love, difficulties in the life of a single mother, flirting boss, the director's misunderstanding of... Continue Reading →

Glitter globe – DIY

Looking for a good craft time activity with your kids? Look no further than the classic glitter globes and snow globes. They are easy to make, and children love playing with them. Here are the steps for a simple DIY glitter globe... 1. Take a small glass or plastic jar with an air tight lid.... Continue Reading →

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