The film starts with a monotone narrative about Taramani, farmers, fishermen, cricket, etc and says about unrelated connections.

Then starts the film… a rocky journey that shows many social problems like – vulnerability of Anglo Indian women, theft, corruption, fake love, difficulties in the life of a single mother, flirting boss, the director’s misunderstanding of the integrity of men and women in the IT sector, dangers of party culture, live – in, problems faced by women who wear short dresses, dangers of online dating via facebook and whatsapp, and the personal lives of corrupt policemen. This movie is a mix of all extreme negative things in the society. An IT employee or normal family living in Taramani would never see or experience the happenings mentioned in this movie.

Finally, the viewer is happy to see the film end! Real life seems safer than the film. The 2 hour rocky journey has ended, and it feels good to return to the safety of the real world.

Very difficult to watch the whole film in one sitting. I do not have the heart to plan for a second time viewing.




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