Data Entry – Making Work from Home possible

Data Entry means entering data into a computer. Most data entry jobs involve converting paper documents into soft copy documents. It can also involve entering details of undelivered mails, entering answers from handwritten questionnaires, converting numeric codes into descriptions, etc.

Most data entry jobs require good typing skills, Prior experience with the computer and clerical work is an added advantage.  Academic qualifications are not mandatory. Payments are either fixed amounts for a set of documents, or fixed amounts for every 1000 words entered.

Many companies employ Data entry clerks to work from the company premises. An increasing number of companies have started to out source the data entry work, instead of employing permanent employees.

data entry

Where to find online data entry jobs

For International readers, websites like Craigslist, Monsterjobs etc have frequent posts for data entry jobs. For readers from India,, MonsterJobs, Naukri etc have data entry requirements. Government of India regularly posts openings for data entry jobs in this

A search in Google with terms like “Data Entry jobs” or Data Entry jobs in <your country> will bring back lots of websites with a wide variety of online data entry jobs.

Types of Data Entry jobs

If you are new to data entry jobs and would like to understand how it is done, You tube has many videos that demo data entry jobs. Reputed companies, Agents, University students, Research scholars etc often post requirements in these websites for data entry jobs.

Data Entry jobs are of many types:

Direct data typing jobs involve typing words directly in to Notepad or test editing softwares like MS Word.  Companies usually mandate a typing speed of 30 words per minute for this type of data entry jobs.

Form Filling jobs includes migrating data from filled up forms to files or vice-versa. This job involves typing huge amounts of data in already filled up forms into text files.. , or filling every field in the form according to data from text files.

Image to text conversion jobs involve typing text displayed in images, like captcha images.

Copy-Paste jobs can be found all over the internet. This would involve copy – pasting activities, like copy pasting a given advertisement text into many classifieds websites and forums.

Medical Transcription is one of the highly paid and reliable data entry jobs. This job involves referring to medical documents that are in the form of images.. and typing the same into text documents. This job is difficult because the documents involve difficult and complex medical related words.


Beware of fradulent sites

It is important to identify fraudulent sites while searching for online Data Entry jobs. An advertisement for online data entry or Copy-paste jobs with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes is a sign of caution.

Go with sites that look professional, and display information about the company. While calling toll free numbers to sign up for data entry work, inquire about the company, its roots, frequency and mode of payments.

Ensure you pay a visit to the company (HQ or branch office) before making payments or signing contracts.

Try out a short term membership before making long term commitments.

If a trust worthy company is identified that makes payments on time and the payment amount is satisfactory, it would signal the beginning of a stable income. Happy Data Entry!

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