Jewellery for office wear

Women in India are creative when it comes to office wear. From Sarees to dress, any outfit can be categorized as Office wear if it suits the work environment. There are no general rules defined by the society or by industries.

Sarees in muted colors and printed cotton salwars are preferred by many for their traditional look and comfort. There are many smart ladies who prefer contemporary western wear like shirts, pants, suits, blazers, dress, etc. In addition, are the lovely ladies who prefer casual tops, kurtis, leggings, jeans, etc.

Work wear is also defined by the accessories. A saree looks grand when coupled with a few pieces of gold ornaments… and the same saree looks muted and trendy when paired with funky stone ornaments. Accessories and ornaments are the defining point in a ladies wardrobe. Here is a collection of accessories that suit the workplace attire…

Lotus Hoops , from Amarapalli


Black and White Diamond Studs, from CaratLane

Tria Earrings, from BlueStone


Bangles / Bracelets:

Chisel Vision Bangle, from BlueStone



Dark Maharaja, by Amrapalli


Gold Plated Cuff, by Amrapalli


Chains / Pendants:

Solitary Pearl Necklace, by CaratLane


Fashion Hue Pendant, by BlueStone


Quadra Pendant, by BlueStone


Trendy Souk Pearl Choker, by Amazon



This post is only a drop of the ocean. The world of accessories awaits all lovely ladies who love to adorn, experiment and enjoy.


If you are an artist or craftsman willing to showcase your work here, please leave a comment with your contact details.


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