Practical guide to losing weight

What does the word weight loss bring to your mind? Crash diets, Gym and personal trainers, Machines for home exercise, etc. The list is endless.

On deeper thought, weight loss is not a quick one month activity. It is a 3 step activity –  start losing weight,  tune the body to retain correct weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle throughout life.  In other words, weight and health go hand in hand. If a person is active, healthy and balanced, she is bound to have the correct weight.

In today’s world, a hectic life style is the main reason behind weight increase.  Women’s lifestyle involves running around taking care of several things together.  It leaves little time and energy to care for one’s body and mind. This hectic life style leads to insufficient or unbalanced food resulting in general weakness. Or it leads to mindless snacking and eating, resulting in obesity or high fat intake. But how then do we take care of responsibilities without compromising on weight & health.

Take things one at a time.Concentrate on the current work, without thoughts of rushing off to the next work. This comes in useful while handling busy morning hours. Boring household work like bending down to tidy the house, reaching high up the kitchen shelves, climbing stairs, heaving your laundry are all not just house hold chores. They are active exercises to keep you fit. Indulge in these activities eagerly.  
Spend time outdoors. Play with your kids. A game of run and catch or hide and seek will keep your body and mind young and fresh. If at work, use the stairs several times a day. It works your muscles and improves your stamina. Going to the neighbour hood shop or park is a good opportunity for a family walk. Rather than taking your car or two-wheeler, have a fun filled walk with your kids or a quite walk with your spouse.

An active life style is about consciously working your body. Feeling hit, active and healthy physically is the best way to retain correct weight and prevent diseases throughout life.


Is it only exercises that tone the body and keep us fit. Apart from this, What we eat adn how we eat is the key factor to keep us active and fit for many long years. Sad enough, most of us have let our hectic life styles ruin our eating habits. You may be a busy home maker, or a responsible mother, or an active career women. Inspite fo these roles, every woman needs a balanced nutritious diet to keep herself fit and healthy.

Set aside time for your breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and needs to be high in calories. If you are an early waker, who is busy in the mornings preparing breakfast for the family, this is for you. Ensure you have a quick cup of cereals or oats or atleast a cup of coffee or tea before you start preparing breakfast. Ensure meals in the family provide for variety and nutrition. Fiber & carbohydrate rich foods like rice, wheat, vegetables etc need to be balanced with nutrition rich foods like egg, pulses, nuts and meat.
If little bites of snacks give you the much needed energy in between meal times, opt for fresh fruits, salads, boiled eggs or sprouts. Make dinners a time for relaxed family discussions. A warm glass of milk and easy to digest foods are  the best dinner combos. 
Sprouts salad

Image courtesy: Madhus Indian Recipes

An active life style and good eating habits ensure a healthy mind. But staying active, and fit also needs a healthy mind. Stress or sedantry mindsets are the biggest enemies in fighting weight increase.

Breathe easy… Consciously check to see if your breathing is fast and irregular. Slow and deep breathing ensure rhythmic activity of the lungs and heart.. thus ensuring a longer disease free life. Rest well and sleep long. Sleep is the key to a healthy mind. Do not let late night TV shows come in the way of your peaceful sleep. 
Let things go.. leave the past behind you. Brush aside disturbing incidents. Focus only on the present moment. Be determined to lead a happy life.

An active body and a happy mind are the key to health and long life. Turn your life style into an effective weight loss mechanism. This is a time tested guide to weight loss and healthy living.


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