A simple mind

I got acquainted with a bunch of ladies and women. This is the very first time I have been fortunate to being among such simple women folk. Their community is among the most oppressed and downtrodden communities in India. Yet, their womenfolk are amazing.

They have been working from time immemorial… Watching them balance house hold work and their livelihood work is exciting. Their physical strength and stamina is impressive. A majority of their menfolk can cook and look after themselves and their houses. Men and women have equal say in their community. Women voice their opinions with gusto and confidence.

Difference of opinion between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is a rarity among them. I am yet to hear of families that have arguments or quarrels among women folk.


Image source: Multinivasi organiser

The most amazing attitude is their simplicity and innocence. They do not form opinions of others. They live life as per their own individual wish. There are two brothers in one of the families. While one works hard, sticks to a consistent job and is responsible in his family duties, the other works only on days when he feels like working, hates sticking to one job, spends a lot on thrifty things, and hardly contributes money to household expenses. The brothers do not have much of a respect for each other, but neither do they have any difference of opinions. They are good friends and spend quality time with the same bunch of friends whom they hang out with.

There is one other family where the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law are of different and contradicting natures. Yet they stay together and lead a perfectly normal family. While the mother-in-law is fond of spending and giving away hard earned money, the daughter-in-law tries to keep the family’s earnings safe. Yet they do not argue or talk about each other.

These people hardly ever form opinions of others. They can accept people as they are without judging anyone’s vices. They talk about others in a matter-of-fact way, and not in an emotional or victimised voice. This simple mind helps them focus on their life, without bothering about others.

Though it seems practically impossible, I am seeing it happen right in front of my eyes!


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