TN shuts out plastic, but liquor cheers on

Tamil Nadu started New Year by banning use & throw plastic products. This includes plastic and non-woven carry bags. All kinds of disposable plates and cups are also banned. This website lists banned items, along with alternate products. Support for Ban: Dumping plastic waste in open lands has long been a public hazard. It causes... Continue Reading →


Who is Periyar ? – Introduction and History

E V Ramaswamy, known as Periyar, is Tamil Nadu's famous social reformer. His father was a rich businessman in Erode, Tamil Nadu.  He grew up in a pious  Vaishnavite family, listening to Hindu scriptures from his childhood. At the young age of 25, he went on a pilgrimage to Kasi to visit the temple of... Continue Reading →

Home Birth by Natural Delivery in India

Love for nature friendly, traditional and healthy life style is fast spreading among today's youth. Young parents are also catching up with this trend. They are looking for ways to avoid hospitalization and  cesarean surgery for delivery. Few of them opt for delivery at home by natural methods. Natural Birthing across the World In many... Continue Reading →

Educational Cartoons for Kids

Children love cartoons. Not all cartoons are addictive. There are good ones that entertain and teach children at the same time. If you know which cartoon to choose, TV and YouTube can teach children difficult concepts in simple ways. This post covers top educational cartoons for children aged 6 years and above.  Miles from Tomorrowland... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Make Your Home Stress Free

Interior decor and environment in a house can be changed to reduce stress. Relaxing at home is the best remedy to reduce work stress. A cosy and peaceful home prevents stress and improves health. It is easy to create a relaxing environment at home. Follow these 5 easy tips to calm the mind and reduce stress... Continue Reading →

Human Rights

All human beings are born free and equal. Every human being deserves equal rights and dignity. Thus states the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This declaration is the international definition for Human Rights. It was created after the tragedy of world war I and II. This declaration was written collectively by people from different countries,... Continue Reading →


Have you ever wondered why Tamil Nadu is different from rest of the country? Ideas and views coming from the Tamil hinterland have a rational and radical background. Socially equality is very important here. Religious sentiments and emotional reasons do not resonate well here. It is the land without surnames. "Caste no bar" is a... Continue Reading →

Business avenues – Coir industry

Demand for coir products is increasing all around the world. To meet this demand, coir related companies have mushroomed all over Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the last 10 years. Export of Coir has support of both State governments and the Central governments. Hence there is no dearth of loans and subsidies for these industries.... Continue Reading →

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